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Wind Catcher by Jeff Altabef & Erynn Altabef

Wind Catcher (The Chosen #1)   

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

  I finally finished this wonderful book.^^
  When I got this ebook I didn't really have any expectations, because I just didn't know what it was about and all, and then suddenly while I was reading ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas I got this feeling that makes me wanna read a particular book. I wasn't surprised, though, I knew that I'd read it, because I like that kind of books and I was not disappointed. I really like Wind Catcher and it ended in just the right and extremly irritating way- with a really catching and shocking phrase. And this is good. Really good. I've read a few books this year that have made me want the next books so much...
  I won't fall into details about the story because I'd start to tell all about the book and I'd get distracted. Lets say it that way- the book's about an average teenage girl- Juliet Wildfire (great choice of middle name!) Stone who is not so average after all, who happens to be on a crime scene by chance with her best friend and sees that strange tattoo of 2 twisted arrows and everything for her changes.
  The mistery in the book is given in a really easy way for the reader to be...digested (probably I'm not expressing myself rightly...) and it's written in a really easy way so that even someone whose first language is not english, like me, to be able to understand almost everything without a dictionary. Well, personally I don't use one. The book is a light read and I like that kind of books- with short chapters and balanced dialogues and descriptions. For some time I thought I can see where the one author- the teenage girl ends and the father begins because of the better descriprions because it's no secret that men writers have more and better descriptions of places and all, while the women are better at expressing feelings so I thought I can decipher where the one ends and the other begins but soon I realized that I'm wrong because their writings are mixed and the result is a really intresting books with no shortcomings in my opinion.
  I also like the fact that they've included Native American stuff, as not an American and a very tolerant person I am really curious about Native Americans and I like that kind of books too, which reveals something about them and their believes and all. I like it and I really like Jake Stone.
  Juliet's character is just the way it should be for a teenage girl- not too grown-up in her mind (some authors forget that we aren't actually as wise as Yoda) and average (or not so average) but in the same time she is strong, she protects and thinks about her friends and their safety even. There are not many of this kind left in 21st century or so I know. They are few and precious because people like her are loyal and...fictional... Okay, I really like her though I dislike her first rejection of her...destiny. She wanted the voices to go away and asked the same questions twice as if expecting a different answer to them, but there was not.
  I like Troy very much too and his character is just per-fect! I want that kind of BFF! All of her friends are just soooooo tolerant, respectful...loyal...
   I really wanted to shout at her when she thought he's been lying to her, because he never said a thing, so practically he never uttered a singel lie. He just kept his mouth shut and for me this is not lying... It's withholding information. It's different. It should be.
  So, as I said, I really, really like the book and I really would like to read the next one especially after I read the end. How dare you end up like this?!

(Тази екнига ми беше пратена от Ерин Алтабеф за ревю, така че нямам намерение да го превеждам, и без това едва го написах на английски...
Може да имам грешки, но не може без все пак. Особено като се има предвид, че писането ми на ае не струва...Ревюто ми е копирано директно от Goodreads.)

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