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Air by L. B. Gilbert

 After reading Fire, my expectations were pretty high and Air was nothing less than I anticipated. It's captivating, action packed, there are a more obvious love and even more humour. I couldn't put it down! L. B. Gilbert is really climbing to my Top favourite authors with enviable speed.

  Her writing is captivating and very good. It's not hard and it's easy to read and understand although it's pretty hard for me to find the proper words to describe it. Her chapters are short which is even better for me and her story is very well-developed even to the last detail.

The plot doesn't seem to be as complicated at first as it actually is. There is a lot of mystery that's made in an excellent way. There are two threads, so to speak, that are intertwined together and when you unknit the first one, there is still the second one that is a direct link to the third book, in my opinion. I won't go into details about the plot. I will just say a couple of words about the characters. 

  Logan is awesome. I kind of felt closer to her because she is petite- 5'2 feet and she is still taller than me- 5' feet sharp, and she is just the type of character I am so fond of. Besides, she is very young, a surprising age for an Elemental, especially for a so powerful one. The information around the Elementals' education is a little vague but foр the short period of time she'd trained. Logan's become very intelligent, strong and just adorable. I love strong petite women who can singlehandedly lift a metal bed with an alpha male werewolf, who is 300 pounds, still on it.

  Conell is older that I thought he was but this isn't important right now. He is amazing as well! I have a soft spot foр alpha males and I loved him! The way he behaved around Logan is adorable. But he isn't just hard muscle with a missing wolf form, he is strong and intelligent and he really wants to help Logan and be her mate.

  Together they aren't just a funny couple, they are a deadly force, who have to find out who is behind the theft of wolf forms and figure out how to be mates. They found each other quite quickly but they didn't become the perfect couple right away and had to learn to be with each other. Well, Conell was more than ready but Logan wasn't. I think it's due to her young age or some past events.

  Although I made it sound as if their relationship is the focus of the book, it's actually not. The case has a bigger part in the story and I liked the book even more because of it. Everything that happened in Air was so well-written and well-developed that I just couldn't put it down even to eat. The author has some awesome fighting scenes and the way she's interwoven the plots of the second and the third book is just beyond good. I loved how she left it in the end and I want very badly to get my hands on Wanter. I want to read Serine's book as soon as possible!

  Air is just as good as Fire and it was definitely worth the two days it took me to read it. I love reading about elementals and I certainly love L. B. Gilbert's books so I highly recommend them.

I was given this ebook ARC in exchange of an honest review.

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