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Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

26196299Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Actual rating 2,5 stars

I like Fangirl . I like gay stories. I support LGBTQQ+ and all.
BUT this book was just less than I expected. Less then it should have been. Everything was less.

I am not a fan of reading 300 pages to get tо the real deal and then read 200 more to get to the last 20 that are good again. I DON'T like these kinds of books.

I don't like it when there is everything that I couldn't care less about BUT the thing that I wanna read about the most.

It took me a WEEK to finish it because of these 300 pages of shit until the real deal. THREE HUNDRED PAGES OF PURE NOTHING! And all the senseless stuff in it.

Simon is supposed to be the greatest of the greatest and yet for the 8 years he's had magick and known about it, he cannot cast the easiest of spells! Yes, this gets explained later but I had to GET there. The only reason I did get there is because I HATE not finishing books. And if I didn't, this would have been a one star review.

The only reason I actually got to the end is because I like Simon and Baz, I wanted to see them and how they come together and while Baz said from the begining that he was inlove with Simon, we never actually see Simon act on it until they kiss.

And lets bare in mind all the senseless things in between.

And Agatha. I can't recall when I last found a character so irritating as she was. Even at the end. She is just a scared brat -_- She was the thing that I hated the most.

Actually, I hated almost everything except Simon and Baz. Because I like gays. This is the only reason actually.

Yes, the story is good...in a way...in a fanfiction-esque kind of way. But that's it.
Don't expect some professional fantasy. Don't expect too much. Don't expect a love story, a real one at least. Just expect...a thing. Well, I, at least, when reading a fantasy book expect a lot because this is my genre and I know it. I know a lot about it. I know what to expect or at least what should be there. And this is not fantasy. It's a parody. It's a fan fiction. Yes, it is a fiction inside the fiction but it is written by a published author. It is supposed to be GOOD! Better!

And not... this. If I wanted to read slash, I'd go to wattpad. If I wanted to read a fan or a teen fiction, I'd go to wattpad. I won't go for the published author.

I remember when reading Fangirl I also read some and skipped some of the experts of Cat's supposed fan fiction there. They were boring, they were not interesting but I don't remeber different POVs. Actually I think the narrator was neutral and it was better. I always say when I comment a fanfiction with a lot of POVs- if you want to have more POVs, write in neutral. It just allows MORE.

I already said a couple of times in other reviews how I hate different and many POVs. Here they weren't a big problem. I skipped through half the book anyway.

I read it for a WEEK because I wanted to enjoy it. I could have read it for TWO days and written the same not possitive but not quite negative review. Or is it negative?
I did enjoy the book. In a way.

But it could have been more. More interesting, more romantic, more gayish, more imaginative...just MORE.

End it could have been shorter. I don't really get it when authors write so much before the love story (or the real deal) and then fuck it all up and finish it. I want more than a few barely described kisses!

I like and trust Khanh (the Grinch)'s reviews. I always scroll to see if she's written a review or just rated a book I want to read. I saw her review and read it but I just so much wanted to like this book. I just like books a lot more easier than most of the people I know and don't know. This time however I couldn't seem to even be able to read it all! I skipped most of it! To get to the end, to get to the kiss and all.

That's why I like Khanh's reviews. They are honest and cool and sometimes I even end up having a close to her opinion. (You might say I am a fan. If she sees that, she might laugh at me, I am embarassing myself after all but it's the truth.)

Lets just get back to my rant. Is it a rant? I don't know. Maybe. This is all this book deserves.

I am just so much dissapointed.

I want my week back! I want to read three books instead of dragging this for so long.
I could have read at least two books. And enjoyed them. And reviewed them on my blog. And not wasted my time on this one.

This is the end so I have to tell this is just my opinion. Maybe I expected too much. Or I gave Rainbow Rowell too much credit? IDK. I don't really like her books this much. But I just wanted more.

(I am sorry for any mistakes I might've made.)

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