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Magick by Mira Monroe

Magick by Mira Monroe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

(Отново ревю директно от Goodreads)

I was given this advanced reading copy of Magick for an honest review by the author. A couple of months ago she asked me to be her beta-reader and when I was done I thought the book had a potential so I asked her to tell me when it was ready.

Now let’s begin with the review.

OH MY GOD! I am especially overwhelmed by the end of this book! I read it before it was done and now, reading it again, I am amazed! This book is so much better now! And this ending!

I really like Mira Monroe's writing style and the way she describes everything. I enjoyed Magick very much and it didn't really take me long to read it even though I read slower in English. I love the world and the characters she's created and everything that was done. The difference between this book and the first copy I got is so big that I can't even comprehend it because this final edition is awesome!

Okay, I won't say what the book is about because the summary is just a few scrolls up and I can't really do that in English but I will say that everything is done in a remarkable way.

At first the story might seem a little slow but soon after it catches up and everything starts to be so exciting I don't even know what's happened because I didn't really believe I'd get to like it so much! I gave it 4 stars!

There is suddenly more action and the events start to happen in a much more gripping way, you know? I even got that feeling when you are reading a good book and can't put it down! I really enjoyed it that much.

There are two things I am fussy about in a book and thеy are:

1. The characters

I have already said that Mira Monroe's created very life-like characters but they are so many that I'll write about only some of them.

Willow is the main protagonist and is what I call my type of heroine. She is an ordinary teenage girl with one little exception. The thing I like most about her is that she seems to be open-minded because she easily acceptes that she is a descendant of two powerful bloodlines of Wiccans. Personally, I get very irritated when the main characters can't accept who they are and the fact that Willow actually copes with it easily got me to like her instantly. Another reason is that she grows to be very powerful and there is nothing I love most than a powerful woman.

Rhydian is a mysterious character who I hope is her future love because there is something between them, just a hint, but not quite much. I really want to see more of him, because I like him. Rhydian seems to be a good man and a powerful one as well. I love such men so I admire him.

His relationship with Willow might be complicated but they barely know each other and that's why I hope in the second book I'll get to see them developing their relationship and getting closer.

I like Willow's friends because they support her no matter what happens and even though she is the reason some of them get hurt, they stay loyal to her and help her when she needs them most. There is nothing better than some good friends to back you up when bad times come.

I love the Guardians. There is nothing more that I love than a brave big warrior of The Black Dagger Brotherhood type and I imagine Quinn, Cross and Tullen just like some of the brothers and they are referred to as big men so I quite like them. They are funny, to me at least, and I love characters like them.

I also realise that I constantly repeat myself but I can't really help it.

Let’s just move to the second thing.

2. The end

God! The ending! It is quite changed and in a very pleasing way. I can't be more satisfied with it! I mean it is exceptional and it gets you on a cliffhanger. It's very mean and very clever at the same time because now I crave the second book and want to know what happens next!

I love a good ending and usually, I either remove or add one star to my final rating because of it. It was very tense, full of action and magick and it all went really well. I was really excited at the end and this fact speaks for itself. 

As a first book Magick is really good. It is easy to read and easy to like, especially if you are not as pretentious as me. There is a time when I just want to read a book like this one, where everything is easy to understand and yet you enjoy it just as much as you would enjoy a harder read.

So, this is my opinion.

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