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Cursed by Lucy Leroux

Why didn't I read this book (that I received a copy of for an honest review) sooner! Whyyyyy! IT. IS. AMAZING!

I am still speechless and overwhelmed because I didn't expect it to be so good but when I found out that Lucy Leroux is a.k.a. L. B. Gilbert, I knew that I'd love it because I loved Fire! I enjoy Lucy Leroux's writing very much, she writes beautifully and captivatingly and I just couldn't put the book down and for the first time in months, I read a book in one sitting!

The story is well-written and well-developed, it's very interesting and I was very excited through all of it, thrilled to see what will happen next. I didn't expect it to be so complicated and I should have because with just two books Lucy Leroux or L. B. Gilbert is becoming one of my favourites. First, she brought me out of my reading slump and now I read her book in one day...the signs are showing, soon I will be reading her books without even reading the blurb.

Cursed is a perfect combination of fantasy, historical romance and erotica- there's an equal amount of everything.

As I said, the story is complicated, it's captivating and everything is done very well. There's nothing I didn't like and I am so happy that I read it that I still cannot write a decent review but I have the feeling that if I wait a little longer I will be no more able to write anything at all. So, let just say that I loved EVERYTHING and move on to the characters.

Isobel is the type of women I enjoy reading about and there is this development that can be seen throughout the book that makes her an even better character than she already was. I pretty much liked her in the beginning but in the end, when she was all comfortable with herself and her family, I liked her all the more. She is strong and possesses powerful gifts that even though she doesn't know how to use, she actually manages to learn in order to help Matteo. She shows courage and braveness and a big heart and I loved her for that!

Matteo's story was complicated because due to his situation you couldn't always know whether he was himself or not. Of course, there was a way to know, but the mystery of it and the danger he was to Isobel made it more thrilling to read about him. I love men with his appearance and I even liked his character though it wasn't exactly my type but he is really sweet so I don't complain. He is nice, with a big heart and he knows what he wants and how to get it which is the most important thing in this case and for me. He is conscientious and honest, he is brave as well, willing to risk everything, even his life, to get rid of his...problem causing his situation and I liked that as well.

I don't know what more to say about them or about the story. I LOVED it and I don't know how many times I will repeat it if I don't stop writing soon. So let just say that I highly recommend it. ^^

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