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The Prince's Plan by E. M. Youman

I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Usually, I don't read this kind of books but I was interested in this one and I was offered an ARC, so I blindly went into the deep and I loved every second of it. I didn't really know what I was reading about until I found out that the book is actually about two addicts who struggle to stay sober and live the life they deserve. They've been through a lot of shit and it's hard to say no to the tempting drugs even though they try really hard.

The Prince's Plan isn't a light read, it has a heaviness to it that I actually liked and the struggles and their lives it describes are the things that got me into it. I was almost immediately engrossed with their story and I liked everything. E. M. Youman has done a wonderful job and you can't say her book is sweet or chick lit, it tells a story focused on a real and dangerous problem, on real and true struggles and losses and everything is written in a very good way. I was speechless when I finished reading it and the only reason it doesn't have 5 stars is because there was something that I just couldn't cope with and was too much for me but that's why I as well gave a half to the four stars, because I love it all the more for the same reason I didn't give it 5 stars.

I value the way she's written everything. She shows the struggles they have to go through, the craving for the forbidden substance, the things they had to do in order to get high, it had a realistic touch to it and I am very impressed with the book.

The characters are many and different, they are well developed and distinguishable, they have personalities of their own and every one of them is in place. I won't go through all of them, I'll just say a few words about Dannie and Marnie. They've both been through a lot of hard stuff in their lives, they've both lost people and done things they regret. They are strong because they chose to live and to fight with their addiction rather than succumb to it.

It was very interesting fo me to read their stories. I wanted to know more and more about them and E. M. Youman has done a wonderful job at keeping us interested by giving away just bits and pieces to put off the want for knowledge just a page or two more until she gives away the real deal.

The story is not slow pacing, it flows away easily and there is a lot of character development. The difference between Marnie in the beginning and Marnie in the and as well as Danny in the beginning and in the end is very big and a distinguishable one. It can be clearly seen how their minds changed, how their way of speaking and thinking changed and their perspectives as well. They went through a lot together and they learnt to trust each other and work together bit by bit.

I loved The Prince's Plan and that's why I can't go into details. I simply loved it and I recommend it to all who like reading books of this kind.

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