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Dark Side of the Moon by Catherine Vale

Dark Side Of The Moon by Catherine Vale
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

actual rating 3,5 stars

I received an ebook copy for an honest review.

I've never read something like that. I mean, I've read paranormal romance before but never about shapeshifting aliens. This was a first and I loved it!

I love paranormal romances, I don't expect much of them and I almost always like them. They are nice books and I love reading about a fast developing love, or instant love. In this cases I love it.

The world Catherine Vale's built is quite good and very interesting. There're still things that can be worked out but this is not some high fantasy, so I didn't really expect it to be half as good. Maybe this is the reason I liked it so easily.

Her writing is good, she doesn't use too many words and the plot doesn't drag. It's almost impossible for this kind of book to be slow.

Anyway. I don't really have much to say about it. It's quite short. I pretty much liked the characters and the story. I am not used to standalone books, especially paranormal novels but it was OK.

Veronica is a very impressive young woman, who is fond of martial arts. She is a strong heroine and I loved her. She is a fighter and that is what I look for in a female character and apparently so does Taso.

Mikel Taso is a shapeshifting alien. A werebear to be exact. He is the alpha of his Clan and he is very dominant and BIG. I like big men but I couldn't really deal with his dominance. His people on the planet are closer to wild animals than to humans. They are just more primitive than normal people.

Well, I liked Dark Side of the Moon, I thought it was a book about werewolves but it turned out to be about werebears and I am OK with this. I like all kinds of shapeshifters. As I already said, it is quite short and there aren't many things that I can say about it.

There are some things that I needed to read about but I still enjoyed it quite much. ^^

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